Automatic Level


Magnification 24 x

Lense 40mm.

Japan Brand New Product

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The new AT-B4    24x level has been designed to replace the Topcon AT-G6 level. Utilising an endless horizontal drive and dual speed focus adjustment to quickly change from coarse to fine focusing on to the object to be levelled, the AT-B range is able to focus to a minimum of 300mm… ideal for use in confined areas.
With superior water proofing properties, easy to read horizontal circle (degrees or gons) for specific directional turning, these levels are intended for use by land surveyors, civil engineers and contractors.
The AT-B has an IPX6 environmental rating. With the IPx6 rating, the instrument is protected against powerful water jets from all directions, meaning the AT-B series withstands a sudden shower or torrential rainfall. The advanced protection design not only prevents water penetration, but also deters clouding or condensation inside the telescope.